Gospel Videoclips–110 Units

I. The Mystery of Human Life Series

1 Out of Death into Life

2 Washing Away Sins and Guilt

3 Getting Rid of Anxiety

4 Getting Out of the Chaotic Rush

5 Turning Sorrow into Joy

6 Bearing Our Diseases

7 Christ Has Freed Me

8 The Weary Finds Rest

9 We All Like Sheep Having Gone Astray

10 No More Striving

11 The Heavenly and Spiritual Blessing

12 Joy Made Full

13 The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

14 God Is Love

15 The Truth Shall Set You Free

16 God’s Word Never Changes

17 Having Peace in the Lord

18 A Vessel unto Honor

19 Discarding the Old for the New

20 All Things Are Possible with God

21 Receiving by Faith

22 Coming to the Lord

23 Turning to the True God

24 Being Willing to Come to the Lord to Receive Life

25 Sins Confessed and Forgiven

26 Whoever Calls Upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved

27 Looking Away unto Jesus

28 Opening Up to the Lord

29 Behold, the Lamb of God

30 What Is Man?


II. Titles from Luke 54. org

31 A Life of Blessing and Happiness

32 Why Do I Exist?

33 Christ Being the Meaning of Human Life

34 A Stress-Resistant Life

35 Why Are Christians Not Overwhelmed by Anxiety?

36 Frustrations Bring God to You

37 Although Money Is All-Powerful, It Is Not All-Mighty

38 The Antidote to Depression

39 What the Internet Cannot Offer

40 Why Do I Always Feel So Empty Inside?

41 Come to Me All Who Toil and Are Burdened

42 You Need Not Be Anxious

43 Three Bible Verses You Must Read When Anxious

44 Youth Has a Way Out

45 Where Is True Happiness?

46 Man’s End Being God’s Beginning

47 What Is Your Attitude Towards Death?

48 If I Were Not a Christian

49 Does God Really Exist?

50 The Loving Father

51 Great Man, Small God

52 Who Is Jesus? Listen to What Jesus Himself Said

53 Who Is Jesus? Three Reasons You Can Believe in Jesus

54 The Lord Jesus Is the Sinner’s Friend

55 Three Hours before and after the Cross

56 Christ’s Redemption – Unlocking the Mystery of the Life and Death of the God-man

57 Did Man Come from Evolution?

58 The Human Spirit—the Way to Enjoy God

59 Do You Know You Have a Spirit?

60 Using Your Spirit to Contact God

61 God’s Dispensing – Unlocking the Mystery of Believing in the Lord Jesus

62 Do Not Be Afraid, Only Believe

63 Bargaining

64 Is Believing in God a Psychological Effect?

65 Wanting Yet Unable to Believe

66 Calling On the Name of the Lord

67 The Most Amazing Power–Prayer

68 Does Prayer Really Work?

69 How to Pray for God to Listen?

70 Praying in the Midst of Busyness

71 A Letter of Introduction Penned by God Himself

72 How to Explain the Mystery of the Bible?

73 Three Reasons to Believe the Bible

74 How To Read the Bible

75 The Church—God’s Home and Our Home

76 Which Church to Go After Receiving the Lord?

77 Jesus Thinks Otherwise

78 The Lord Jesus Suffers with You

79 The Lord Is Well-Pleased to Heal

80 How Does God Lead Us in Our Living?

81 How Do We Overcome Satan’s Accusation?

82 Why Do Christians Preach the Gospel So Zealously?

83 How to Preach the Gospel to Our Family Members?

84 Four Main Reasons for Illness

85 A Christian’s Love – Something You May Not Understand

86 Can Christians Have a Happy Marriage?

87 Turns Out I Was Really Very Blessed

88 Living in the Present, Joined to Eternity


III. Other English Title

89 Mask of Love

90 A Virus More Dreadful than Coronavirus

91 The Three Questions Most Asked during the COVID-19 Pandemic

92 There Is More than Meets the Eye

93 Where Are You?

94 An Unchanging God

95 A Breath of Fresh Air

96 One Good News

97 A New Normal

98 A Letter to the Healthcare Workers

99 God Loves You

100 The Desire of All the Nations

101 Vanity of Vanities

102 The True Value of Man

103 It Matters to Him

104 There Is God

105 Christ Being God

106 The Bible

107 Life through Faith

108 Repentance and Confession

109 Baptism

110 The Assurance of Salvation