The Heavenly and Spiritual Blessing

The son of a friend of mine was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was at the brink of death in the intensive care unit. But by the prayer of the brothers and sisters from the church, the Lord arranged everything and sent a nurse who is a believer to take care of him and encourage him to call on the name of the Lord. He did, and thank the Lord, though he walked through the valley of the shadow of death, the Lord saved him. His situation was stabilized and eventually he was healed.

The Bible says: “God…has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ” (Eph. 1:3). By calling on the name of the Lord, we turn from the material to the spiritual, and from the earthly to the heavenly. Even though this man battling with COVID-19 could not call on the name of the Lord loudly with the respirator on, he called from the depth of his heart. As a result, the Lord Jesus spread from his spirit to his whole being and gave life to his dying body with the healing power of resurrection. In this way, he got out of danger and recovered gradually.

In his fight with death, this brother experienced the healing of the resurrecting power of the Lord. Yet the most precious thing is that he gained the most precious treasure in the universe—God Himself.

Dear friend, do you want fleeting earthly pleasures or the eternal heavenly life? This spiritual blessing is nothing less than the Trine God Himself. He wants to enter into us to be our life and our blessing of life. Dear friend, may we all choose God as our eternal blessing!

Let us pray: “Lord Jesus, everything I enjoy will pass away; only You will never pass away. You are the highest blessing, the most precious treasure in the universe. Lord Jesus, I no longer want to live in vanity. I want to gain You and receive You! I receive You now as my Savior!”

The Heavenly and Spiritual Blessing