22. THE CHART OF THE SEVENTY WEEKS 22. THE CHART OF THE SEVENTY WEEKS AND THE COMING OF CHRIST, WITH THE RAPTURE OF THE SAINTS Including the Seven Seats, the Seven Trumpets, the Seven Bowls, and the End From the Decreeing of the Law to the Issuing of the Proclamation for the Rebuilding of Jerusalem From the Issuing of the Proclamation for the Rebuilding of Jerusalemto the Completion of the Rebuilding of Jerusalem From the Completion of the Rebuilding of Jerusalem to the Cutting Off of the Messiah The Dispensationof Law The Dispensation of Grace The Age of the Mystery of the Church Christ’s coming (parousia — presence) begins from heaven The First Three and a Half Years The Last Three and a Half Years, the Great Tribulation —The Consummation of This Age — The End The Last Week The Seventh Seal Antichrist makes a seven-year covenant with the children of Israel TheFifthSeal TheSixthSeal First 4Trum-pets TheFirst 4Bowls The5thBowls The6thBowls The7thBowls The First Four Seals The Fifth Trumpets(The First Woe) The Sixth Trumpets(The Second Woe) (The Third Woe) SevenWeeks49 Years Sixty-twoWeeks434 Years FromChrist’sDeath, The spreading of the gospel and the beginning ofcalamities, symbolized by the four horses of thefirst four seals, go forth immediately after Christ’s ascension until the consummation of this age. The cry for vengeance from the martyrsthroughout the generations Beginning with the fifth trumpet and ending with the seven bowls of theseventh trumpets, there is the great tribulation, unequaled before or after. These seven trumpets are the contents of the seventh seal. The seventh trumpetcomprises two aspects: The negative aspect consist of the seven bowls as the ultimateplagues to finish God’s fury until the completion on the end; the positive aspect is theLord’s kingdom to exercise God’s righteousness unto eternity withoutend. The supernatural calamities intensify. In the Heavens Before the Great Tribulation On Earth During the Great Tribulation On Earth At the Close of theGreat Tribulation Christ comes from the airto the earth to completeHis parousia In the Air Near the End of the Great Tribulation According to Joel 2:30-31, the timefrom the sixth seal through the first four trumpetsto the fifth trumpet is very short. Some believers begin to be raptured to the heavensbefore the sixth seal, as implied in Rev. 7:9. The martyred, overcoming saints of past generationsare resurrected and raptured to the throne of God. The first-ripe, overcoming belivers living in this ageare raptured to the heavenly Mount Zion. The rest of the overcoming believers livingin this age are raptured to Christ’s presence The hour of trial which is about to come on thewhole inhabited earth, mentioned in Rev. 3:10,should start from the sixth sealand end with the seventh seal The Initiation of the Great Tribulation:Supernatural calamities begin,causing man to lose his safe habitation. The devil is cast to the earth, then persecutesthe saints and torments the worldly people.This begins at the fifth trumpetand last three and a half years. In the middle of the week Antichristbreaks the covenant, opposes God,persecutes God’s people, and tramplesthe holy city for 42 months. The false prophet does great signsto deceive people, forcing themto worship the image of Antichrist. The majority of the saints, who died inprevious generations, are raised up(including those martyredin the great tribulation). The two witness resurrectand are raptured into heaven. With them the majority of the livingsaints in this age are raptured to meetwith the Lord in the air.The majority of God’s harvestbecomes ripe and is reaped. The angel preaches the eternal gospel,telling people to fear God, to worship God,and not to worship Antichrist and his image. God uses unusual plagues and supernaturalcalamities to smite the world andthe kingdom of Antichrist. The two witness speak for Godfor 1,260 days and are killed. Christ judges all the saintsat His judgment seat. Christ strikes Antichristand his army. Christ destroys materialBabylon the Great. Christ saves, gathers,and restoresthe children of Israel. Christ binds Satan and castshim into the bottomless pit. Christ judgesthe living nations. Christ establishesthe millennial kingdomand restores all things. The Marriage of Christ:The overcoming saints are calledto the marriage dinner. ResurrectionandAscensionto theConsummationof theDispensationof Grace God,temporarilycastingaside thechildren ofIsrael, takesHis kingdomfrom themand givesit tothe church Christ comes fromheaven to the air tocontinue His parousia The Seven Trumpets Millennial Kingdom Heaven and New Earth The New
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