12. GOD’S NEW TESTAMENT ECONOMY 12. GOD’S NEW TESTAMENT ECONOMY MATTHEW JOHN ACTS REVELATION JUDE The Son With the Father The Embodiment The Triune God Jesus Christ God’s Tabernacle God’s Temple Living the Life of God To Develop into The Kingdom of God Gospels (Initiation) The Body of Christ The Temple of God Living Christ unto The Fullness of God The Kingdom of God The House of God 22 Books (Develpment) Revelation (Finalization) in as of By the Spirit The Spirit As the Son The Consummation The Triune God The Church in as of With the Father (1) The Golden Lampstands (2) The New Jerusalem The Seven Spirit Out from the Eternal One The Intensification The Triune God The Overcoming Church in Consummating in of Of the Redeemer 1 2 3

Further Reading: God’s New Testament Economy, ch. 1 An Introductory Word

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