A Christian’s Love – Something You May Not Understand

What makes a Christian most blessed is not the sweet nothings uttered between two lovers.

   It is in kneeling down with you in prayer!

What makes a Christian happiest is not going out with you for sightseeing.

   It is in sharing God’s word together with you!

What makes a Christian admire you most is not your education and knowledge.

   It is your wisdom and enlightenment in God!

What makes a Christian love you the most is not your handsome features.

   It is in how you weep and repent as you reflect on yourself before God!

What makes a Christian hope in you most is not in the great prospects of your career.

   It is to be able to co-work with you in serving God together!

What makes a Christian esteem you most is not the high appraisal you get from the boss.

   It is your ability to solve the problems of those in trouble!

What warms a Christian most is not the hug between two people.

   It is that you can pray for me when I am at my lowest!

What a Christian seeks most is not to have an expensive diamond ring on her finger.

   It is to have a priceless hand, though wearing a cheap ring, always holding my hand!

What a Christian loves to listen to most is not the beautiful singing of your voice.

   It is the word of wisdom you received from Jehovah God proceeding out of your mouth!

What makes a Christian most touched is not the feeling that you give to others.

   It is that God-fearing heart you have before Him!

What a Christian delights to hear most is not “I love you.”

   It is “God really loves me that He gave you to me!”

Dear friend, do you admire a Christian’s love? Now, you can pray to the Lord:

   Lord Jesus, I am willing to have this kind of love.

   Oh Lord, I accept You as my life.

   Come into me that I may love You and love others too.