How to Preach the Gospel to Our Family Members ?

When preaching the gospel to our family members, they often say that religion merely teaches people to do good or even that we are being too superstitious. How do we respond to this?

The gospel to our family members is not focused on our preaching. Whether or not they will be saved depends not on what doctrine we preach, but rather on how we interact with them and the human virtues that we express.

Once a brother testified that after he got saved, he was very burdened for the salvation of his family. He was eager to preach the gospel to them. However, his mother told him, “Yes, you may have believed in the Lord, but look at yourself. You are always calling me a sinner without considering that I am the one raising you!” That day, the brother repented before the Lord. From then on, by the Lord’s leading, whenever he came home from the meetings, he would sing hymns. Then he would help to wash the dishes, clean the toilet, and keep the house neat and tidy.

At first, his mother wondered why he did this, since this brother never did household chores in the past. After some months of him doing this, she realized that her son had a change in life. Eventually, out of her curiosity, she came to the church, was touched by the love of the Lord Jesus, and got saved.

The key to family salvation lies with us. If we desire our family members to be saved, we first need to enjoy the Lord and live a normal human life at home. Then they will realize that your faith is very good. Just think about it: will they not be attracted?

Question no. 2

What if someone tells you, “I cannot accept the idea that a person who does not believe in the Lord Jesus but has done a lot of good deeds in his life will still not be able to enter paradise just because he does not believe.” They may not be able to accept such a concept. So how should we explain this?

This can be likened to our studying in university. As a student, you should complete the designated course arranged by the school before you can graduate. A student may say to his teacher, “I participated in a lot of charitable works, and I did all sorts of good deeds, how come I cannot graduate?” If you were the teacher, you would tell him, “Yes, you did very well. However, you did not submit the homework I assigned nor did you come for the exams, how can I let you graduate?”

God created man and put him on the earth according to His plan. Man must believe God’s word and believe into Christ. In this way, he can experience Christ’s redemption and receive the eternal life of God which God originally intended to give to man before his fall. If man does not believe in God’s word, even if he does many good things, in the end there will be no way for him to enter into the Kingdom of God according to God’s ordination.

Since this is the case, why don’t we preach the gospel? What should we do after hearing such a word? Since someone has shared this good news to us, why not simply just receive it? May the Lord bless you!