How Does God Lead Us in Our Living?

We have often heard people talk about receiving the Lord’s leading, yet they really do not understand how to receive His leading.  As we absorb Him and enjoy Him, we will have His presence, which is His leading.  As long as we do not have His presence, we do not have His leading.  His leading is His presence.

We need to exercise our spirit.  Our spirit is an organ with a very crucial function.  We need to exercise it in every aspect of our living.  Gradually, by so doing, the feeling will become stronger and keener, and our conscience will even become clearer.  By such an exercise, we will be brought into a genuine fellowship with the Lord.  Thus, when we feel unclear about certain things, we will sense the leading of the Lord from within.

 Reading the Lord’s Word Steadfastly and Diligently

We should have the habit of continually reading the Lord’s word.  Some people may ask, “What should I do if I forget the first line as I begin reading the second line?” Actually, it is alright.  What matters the most is that we just simply dive into the Lord’s word.  Although we may forget what we have just read, the Lord’s word washes us and cleanses us.  When we come to receive the Lord’s word every day, the living word of God will cleanse all the filthiness in our mind.

We need to ask God for a spirit of wisdom and revelation.  When we ask for this, surely the Lord will give it to us.  In this way, we will be under the divine dispensing of God’s economy.  The Lord’s word dispenses His very own element into our inner being.  Spontaneously, His word will provide us His leading in our daily living.

 Experiencing the Lord’s Word Leading Us in Our Daily Life 

When we seek the Lord’s leading in our daily life, His leading does not come to us suddenly.  His leading comes through a daily process of exercising our spirit so that our conscience is clean and void of any accusation.  It comes when we know His word well, possessing it like a treasure hidden in us.  When we are equipped with the Lord’s word in our daily life, the constant word will become the instant word, the light will shine forth, and the leading will come.

We have faith in the Lord, not because we are particularly good, but because we have been living a normal and healthy spiritual life in asking the Lord what He wants.

You will find out that through this exercise, you will have less troubles.  When someone says a word against you, you will not harbor ill feelings for 10 or 20 years, because you realize those words are not as important as the Lord’s word — the Lord’s word is much more precious.  Sometimes criticism from others can cause us to waste so much time on insignificant words.

Lord, I want to use my mind to muse on Your word.  By such an exercise, our faith will increase day by day, because faith is built upon the Lord’s word, through which the Lord will lead us constantly.