The Human Spirit—the Way to Enjoy God

“Taste and see that Jehovah is good; / Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him” (Psa. 34:8). Psalm 34:8 says that we can taste and see that Jehovah is good. The Lord Jesus also clearly said that He is our food; He is the bread of life that can be enjoyed by us (John 6:35).

What is the way to enjoy God?  For us to enjoy God and receive Him, God created man with a human spirit. God created everyone with a stomach so that we can enjoy our food. Similarly, for us to receive and enjoy God, He created us with a spirit. The spirit within us is for receiving God and enjoying Him.

When a man is very rich, he thinks about worshipping God, and when a man is in pain or in a dire condition, he also thinks about worshipping God. No one will ever see a dog, cat, or monkey worshipping God when it is desperate. Even when animals are at the height of their excitement or suffering, they will not turn to God or worship God. They have no need to worship God because they do not have a spirit.

Man is different. There is a spirit within man, and this spirit has a need. A nonchalant man does not feel the need in his spirit. But when he is brought to extreme circumstances, either extreme elation or extreme desperation, the need in his spirit is made manifest. He feels a deep need within him, a need that no person, thing, or matter on earth can satisfy. Nothing physical can satisfy this need. It is at such times that man thinks of worshipping God. There is a spirit within man, and God created man with this spirit in order that he could receive and enjoy Him.

It is no wonder the sages of old said that man is the spirit of all things.  Only man has a spirit. Hence, of all the things in creation, only man possesses a spirit. Man is certainly the highest of all creation. Man’s spirit is an organ prepared by God for him to receive and enjoy God.

You can pray in this way: “O God, thank You for creating a spirit in me so I can receive You and enjoy You. Because I have a spirit, the sense in my spirit causes me to know that I need You.  O God, my spirit, soul, and body need You. I simply open my spirit to You. O Lord Jesus, fill my spirit with Yourself and be the meaning of my life. Dear Lord, let me taste You in my spirit and enjoy Your goodness!”