Although Money Is All-Powerful, It Is Not All-Mighty

If you have money,

You can buy all the seats of a Manchu-Han Imperial Feast (a sumptuous banquet),

             but you cannot buy a good appetite.

You can buy an entire house full of collected books,

             but you cannot buy real wisdom.

You can have the Wedding of the Century,

             but you cannot buy true love.

You can buy a top brand queen-size bed,

             but you cannot buy a night of peaceful sleep.

You can buy a mansion,

             but you cannot buy rest in your soul.

You can buy all the well-known Chinese and Western medicines,

             but you cannot buy a healthy body.

You can buy a gorgeous burial place,

             but you cannot hope for eternal life.

David Myers, a social psychologist, after a thorough study, observed that there is not much correlation between material riches and happiness. Over the past 50 years, many countries have gradually cleared up poverty. However, their level of happiness has not risen, but on the contrary, has fallen.

I have a friend whose dream was to become a millionaire, drive a luxury car, and live in an extravagant house. Consequently, he sought satisfaction through money, but at the cost of his family, friends, and even his own health. When he reached the peak of his life, he was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, costly medical expenses made him almost bankrupt. In despair he could only regret.

One book of the Bible—Matthew—has this to say, “For what shall a man be profited if he gains the whole world, but forfeits his soul-life? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul-life?”

Dear friend, what value is there if you could gain the whole world, yet sacrifice your family, your life, and your possessions? Can money, wealth, and fame give you real, inward satisfaction? Friends, you need to know that only the Lord Jesus can satisfy your inner longings. If you accept Him, you will possess the greatest treasure in the entire universe.

As long as you simply open to Him and accept Him as your life, He will save you from a meaningless pursuit of all these apparently finer things in life, and you will no longer be overly occupied with money. On the contrary, you will be filled with the enjoyment of Christ, who is the real satisfaction in life.