All Things Are Possible with God

From city to city, an epidemic is running rampant.

Seeing all the lives that have been lost, one realizes how powerless human beings are.

A woman’s heart was fixed on two cities—on two persons, actually.

In one city, it’s her mother; in the other, it’s her husband.

Her hometown Wuhan was locked down, but she was in Beijing.

Then the bad news came that her mother was critically ill.

How much she wished she could grow a pair of wings and fly to her mother’s side to take care of her.

After seeking help from everyone she knew, all she got was one word: just accept it.

The hospital was full and the emergency hotline was not working.

Feeling like having cold water dumped on her, she now knew what being helpless means.

The desperate situation plus the heartlessness of people somehow reminded her of the gospel preached by her classmate years ago.

Thus she asked her classmate to pray for her, and together they beseeched the Lord Jesus.

That night, her mother was accepted by the hospital and was attended by a doctor.

She could not help but rejoice and say to herself: Jesus was so real!

After her mother was cured in her hometown, now it was her husband’s turn in a foreign country.

It didn’t take long before New York’s situation became severe.

Her husband was there alone, and he could not stop coughing.

She had no choice but to pray with her Christian classmate again.

As a result, he was snatched from the jaws of death.

After a few weeks, he recovered smoothly and was out of danger.

Dear friend, have you seen something like this?

The Bible says: “Looking upon them, Jesus said, With men it is impossible, but not with God, for all things are possible with God” (Mark 10:27). Yes, friend, the Lord Jesus is the mighty God who called the things not being as being (Rom. 4:17), and He is the eternal life that has passed through death and resurrection.

Pray to Him, and you can also do all things.

Believe and be baptized, and you will receive God’s eternal and unlimited life.

Let us pray together: “O Lord Jesus, I believe in You. I know I cannot do it, and I won’t try to do it. Lord, may Your power be manifested in me. Lord, I thank You.”