Great Man, Small God

People long for greatness and yearn for success; so do I. If I succeed as a lawyer or politician, I can then advocate for the weak. I used to think Jesus is also one of the greatest successes. Not until I read His biography–the Bible that I realized, His influence lies not in His greatness, but in His smallness.

In the Bible, there was once a woman who sought help from Jesus. Out of respect, she called Him by a lofty title, “Son of David”. Yet in reply, Jesus likened Himself to edible bread. This shows that He does not use outward power in helping people. Instead, He wants man to take Him in to save man from within.

Someone once said, we have to be deeply impressed with the Lord’s smallness as we are with His greatness. He was even born in a tiny manger, grew up in a little city, and was nurtured in a humble home. He did not come to be a great man of religion. He was merely a lowly man from Nazareth, seemingly with no greatness. Oh, how small He is! Are you bigger or smaller than a piece of bread? Certainly, you have to admit that a piece of bread is smaller. Dear friends, since the Lord comes to you as the Bread of Life, you should tell him, “Lord, I praise You. You are smaller than me. Now, You can be my food. If You are bigger than me, You cannot be my food.” He is bread small enough for us to eat.

How then can we eat Him? How can we take Him in? You can simply tell Him: “Lord Jesus, thank You for being small that I can receive You. Now, come into me that I may experience a wonderful change in my life.”

With the successful people in the world, as time passes, they can only influence their contemporaries and people in their own areas. But the Christians around me, although not necessarily wealthy or prosperous, yet their faces flow out the joy and peace in their hearts. Eventually, I also became a Christian. I was released from the endless pursuit of success, to instead go to introduce the Lord Jesus to others. Friends, I hope that you also receive the Lord Jesus. He will make your life full of value.