God’s Word Never Changes

As the novel coronavirus spreads, fear envelops the entire globe. Stay-at-home orders and lockdown restrictions has caused an unprecedented upheaval in the whole world. With no more crowded stores and bustling streets. Everything has become gloomy and eerily still.

Dear friend, have you ever wondered: among all the things in the world, what is eternally unchanging? Is it life? Or maybe love? A news article reports a female doctor, after bidding farewell to her beloved husband and three-year-old child, resolutely joined the battlefield against the virus but was unfortunately infected and passed away at her post. Now there is no more laughter that once filled this happy family. Sadly, to this day her child is still eagerly waiting for mommy to come home. We cannot help but sigh: life is so short and fragile, just like a dandelion flower that can be blown away by a gentle breeze and vanish into the air.

Another news article reports that as soon as a woman was confirmed to have coronavirus, her husband wanted to divorce her. In the face of death, everything, including life, affection, and love, all become like a piece of rotten wood that is easily broken. There is nothing in this world that is eternally unchanging and lasts forever.

The book of First Peter in the Bible says: “The grass has withered, and the flower has fallen off, but the word of the Lord abides forever” (1:24-25). Yes, everything in the world is constantly changing, and only the word of God is eternally unchanging. Human life passes away, and love changes. Apart from the word of God, everything on the earth withers and falls away. Dear friend, are you searching for that which is eternally unchanging and lasts forever? If you are, please receive the word of God. When you receive the living and abiding word of God, you will be regenerated. The word of God will give you the eternal life, which never decays or falls away. You will no longer need to worry about the constantly changing environment, because the word of God is in you and will abide forever.

Now let us pray: “Lord Jesus, I need You. I receive You as my Savior. Because Your word abides forever, I am no longer worried or lost. Because I have Your word in me, I have eternal life.”