Using Your Spirit to Contact God

Some people say, “I cannot see God, I cannot hear God, I cannot smell God, and I cannot touch God. Where is God?” The following are reasons for not being able to find God.

First, the universe is a creation and God is the Creator. Scientific instruments are invented to study the various phenomena in the universe. Since God does not belong to the physical universe and is much greater than the universe, surely He is not detectable by scientific instruments. Suppose a carpenter makes a table, and we carefully examine it. But afterward, we simply cannot find the carpenter. Thus, we conclude: “Oh, the carpenter doesn’t exist!” Is that reasonable?

Second, just as it is impossible to capture radio waves with our hands, it is also impossible to contact God with our external senses. In order to confirm God’s existence, we must use the right organ. In the Gospel of John, Jesus told us: “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truthfulness” (4:24). Within us there is an “organ” that is of the same nature as the Spirit of God, and that “organ” is our human spirit. We should open our heart and contact God with our spirit by faith. This is the most practical way to know God.

Some people neither believe in the existence of God, nor do they believe that the universe was created. Their reason is simply that they have neither found God nor have they seen God. However, if we say we can only believe in things that we have seen with our own eyes, let me ask you–have you ever seen the American president George Washington? Have you ever seen the great scientist Isaac Newton? Why do you believe that the first president of the United States was George Washington? Why do you believe that the great scientist Isaac Newton once existed on earth? Your believing in the existence of those persons is not because of your direct contact with them but because of indirect evidence.

We Christians believe that there is God. This belief is not only based on the Bible and the countless wonders of the universe as outward and indirect evidence, but it is even more through our inward and direct experience, that is, our subjective experiences of God in the spirit. Such subjective experiences can be compared to your tasting a piece of chocolate. After tasting it again and again, you certainly cannot deny the existence of the chocolate. Thus, the Bible says: “Taste and see that Jehovah is good” (Psa. 34:8). If you use your spirit to contact God, you will enjoy His riches. If you have never experienced this, how can you say there is no God?

Although this God who created the universe is invisible, He came from heaven to the earth to become a man, Jesus. The goal for His coming to the earth as a man is to seek and to find us. Are you willing to respond to His seeking?

You can pray in this way: “O Lord Jesus, I do not understand the Bible, but I want to know You. The Bible says that You resurrected in order to give us Your life and to dwell in us. I receive You right now to be my Savior and life. Please come into me and enlighten the eyes of my heart so that I may be saved.”

Using Your Spirit to Contact God