If I Were Not a Christian

If I were not a Christian,

I would paint the blueprint of my life by free will,

I would need less forbearance and gain more,

I would pursue the worldly love with no boundary,

I would devote all my time to selfish goals,

I would not need to repent for the guilt in my heart,

I would indulge myself in the sea of sorrow.


If not a Christian,

I would …

but … would I?


If I were not a Christian,

I would lose security forever,

I would find no meaning or value in life,

I would spend my life aimlessly,

All my pursuits would become vanities,

All my living would be in the cage of lust,

All my plans of Life would result in emptiness.


If I were not a Christian,

I would still not know how not to compete with others,

I would still not know how to face Death when it comes,

I might fall into the abyss of Sin,

I would never confess myself as a Sinner.



The Love of God fell upon me,

Since my birth all the way to today.

He still embraces me with Love,

Instructs me with Justice,

Disciplines me with Righteousness,

Protects me with Power.


When I was filled with depression, disappointment, and gloom,

He came to support me.

Like a weaned child, crying and reminiscing the Sweetness of the Past,

I see the Compassion and Care in His eyes:

“Stand up, let us take a walk ….”