God is Love

“Son, you will win this. Daddy loves you, we all love you!” This was a posting on the social media by the president of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, announcing his son Danilo being infected with coronavirus and encouraging him with these tender words to fight against the virus.

This is the love of a father in a high position toward his son. His love is genuine in nature but limited in power. God’s love, however, far surpasses a father’s love not only in power but also in nature.

The greatest manifestation of God’s love is that God Himself became a man. The Lord Jesus came to the world and bore all the sins, diseases, and sufferings of mankind and died on the cross. He accomplished redemption for all mankind.

Dear friend, the love of God is the love of sacrificing Himself by shedding His own blood, the love of death and resurrection, and the love with surpassing great power. God is willing and is able to save us. God’s love is vast, deep, immeasurable, and unlimited, and God desires to transmit and supply such a love to us.

Although we have wandered far and rebelled against God, He will never reject us. He is always eagerly waiting for us to return to Him. God’s love is now waiting, waiting for you to open to Him. Dear friend, just call on Him: “O Lord Jesus! I need You. Fill my heart with Your love!” Then God’s love will be poured out into you as a mighty river without reservation. His sympathetic, caring, rich, and sweet great love will fill and overflow your whole being, giving you a life of rest and satisfaction.


God is Love