Turning to the True God

Li Bai, a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty, once said, “Happiness is to be savored to the full; / the golden cup must not face the moon untouched.” The traditional Chinese festival, the Spring Festival, is the grandest festival for Chinese people and also the time when “happiness is to be savored to the full.” But this year, the unexpected epidemic caused the usually bustling festival to suddenly fall into desolation.

All the doors are tightly shut and everyone stays indoors. There is no more family gathering and no more chatter and laughter. Human contact is overshadowed by fear; you are the epidemic in my eyes and I am the virus in your eyes. However, even without the epidemic, what would your condition be right now? Is it a state of emptiness and loss after enjoying the Spring Festival to the fullest? Or is it a state of loneliness and fatigue after the Spring Festival despite looking forward to it year after year? O you who are unsatisfied, though your heart is filled with emptiness, you would dress up and set off again. Although you are seeking desperately, you would repeat the same empty ritual in self-deceit year after year. O you who are thirsty, what are you seeking after? What can truly satisfy you?

The Gospel of John in the Bible says: “Now on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink” (7:37). This was the Lord Jesus’ cry to those who are thirsty. The last day here signifies that all the enjoyment of any success in the human life will end. There is a “last day” to every kind of material thing of the physical life. The Spring Festival comes year after year but we remain thirsty. No matter how much we drink of the worldly water, our thirst still cannot be quenched. Dear friend, the Lord Jesus has given us the living water of life! This water is refreshing and nourishing, sweet and abundant; it gushes forth and never runs dry.

Do not hesitate any longer. Just come forward and confess to Him: “O Lord, You are the true God. I turn to You. I am thirsty and I want to drink of this living water of life.” Dear friend, He is the true God. He can quench all your thirst and give you the eternal, unlimited life so that you can have a divine, sweet, satisfying, and joyful life.