Which Church to Go After Receiving the Lord?

Church is the Body of Christ. Since there is only One Christ, He has only one Body. Men with the Life of Christ in the history around the world are all members of the Body of Christ. All the Christianity are of man-made, not of Christ’s intention.  When Jesus prayed before His crucifixion, the most important thing before laying down His flesh is the matter that all the disciples will be One, like He and His Father are One.

Christian divided into various sects over years, which brought most sadness to Christ. In New Testament, we see the practice of early churches.  Besides the spatial limit, there is no other factors that could divide the Christians. For instances, the Christian in Rome could not often meet with the Christian in Corinth, or the Christian in Ephesus could not meet with the ones in Philippi every day.  But all the saints, who lived in Rome or any other city, should meet with all the Christian in that city, singing and giving praises to God.  Any other kind of division is not of God’s pleasure.

This practice also forsakes all the individual preference, forcing us to walk in the way of the Cross, taking God as the all-fitting Life, all-sufficient Grace, and unselfish Love.  This Body of Christ will be the supply through every joint to build up itself in Love. Therefore, wherever you live, you should simply meet with local Christian, to manifest the Body of Christ in that locality.