Frustrations Bring God to You

We are modern people filled with frustrations, and this is truly a society full of frustrations.

These days, children are no longer “carefree.” Most elementary students now feel unhappy, with some even considering suicide. The number increases in their middle school years with twelve percent being diagnosed with medium to severe depression at some point. Thus, the market is full of many self-help books dealing with difficulties and frustrations to save us from suffering. But in reality, groaning, sighing, self-pity, blaming God or others, hatred, and cursing are our first reactions when faced with frustrations.

The Meaning of Frustrations: The Disguise of Grace

Second Corinthians 1:4a says, “Who comforts us in all our affliction ….” We all like peace, grace, and glory. No one likes afflictions. But in the Bible, affliction in reality is the rich embodiment of Christ with grace. On the surface, our environment is full of afflictions. But in reality, it is the arrival of grace.

The Goal of Afflictions: Gaining God

The book of Job in the Bible says, “I had heard of You by the hearing of the ear, / But now my eye has seen You” (Job 42:5). 

The goal of God’s economy is that He would dispense Himself into man to be our life and nature so that we can express Him. Job was full and rich under God’s blessing and had accumulated wealth over years of labor. He had seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred pairs of cattle, five hundred female donkeys, and many servants. He had a dear wife, seven sons, and three daughters. Job was also remarkably successful in being proper and upright in all things. As a result, he only remained in the realm of material gains and moral accomplishments. There was not one bit of God within him. Thus, through his environment, God stripped him of his wealth, health, and uprightness to lead Job into another realm so that he could gain God. He lost everything, but in the end, his “eyes saw God.”

Dear friend, you may also have encountered many afflictions, or maybe you are currently dealing with difficulties. Do not be afraid and you do not need to worry. God will be with you in all your afflictions. He will dispense more of Himself in this situation. Now you can pray to Him: “Lord Jesus, I need You. You know that I have experienced much affliction. Lord, I am willing to receive you as my Savior. Lead me to not be oppressed by afflictions, but to enjoy Your overcoming and releasing life.”

Frustrations Bring God to You