The Lord Is Well-Pleased to Heal

Diseases take up a good part of people’s lives.  A day will come when we will see with our own eyes our relatives and friends suffering from disease; a day will come when we ourselves will experience the ravages of disease.  How can one face such a serious thing? Is it by consulting all the famous Western and Chinese doctors, or by testing all kinds of medicines and prescriptions, or by inquiring of gods for fortune-telling, or by sacrificing animals to gods to make a wish?  After trying all these and exhausting all options, do we just wait for the verdict of heaven?  Even if the symptoms are managed, or even if the disease can be cured, I ask again:  Is there not a final moment in our human life?  There is a cure this time, but what about the next time?

The Bible says that the Lord is very willing to heal us.  In Exodus, the children of Israel arrived at Marah, where the water was bitter, but God healed that water, and turned it from bitter to sweet. Here, Jehovah reveals that He is a God who heals His people.  We are the people of the Lord, and thus have faith towards the Lord. The Lord Jesus not only wants to heal you, He even more wants to enliven you. The only motive of the Lord Jesus is to dispense Himself into us, to be the life that enlivens us.

In sickness, we must seriously pray in order to gain light and supply from the Lord, enjoying the Lord’s sufficient grace.  When we have the Lord who is sovereign over all things, what have we to fear?

Dear friend, there is always an end to human life.  Hence, while we don’t have much time, we must grab the available opportunity to receive this Savior who saves our soul, to obtain eternal life.  Open your mouth to pray to the Lord now, and God will give you complete salvation.

The Lord Is Well-Pleased to Heal